From Tokyo Station

Highway bus timetable from Tokyo Station to Highway Oasis Furari and elsewhere in Minamiboso.


JPY2,450 for Adult (50% discount for Children)

There are 3 ways to buy a bus ticket:

A. Buy at the ticket machine
B. Buy online
C. Buy at the bus

A. Buy at the ticket machine

①Go to the Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station.

② Go to the JR Expressway Bus Ticket Office, a one minute walk from the exit.

③Inside the ticket office you will find the information desk and the ticket machine. The information desk is open from 7:00 to 18:00 and can assist you in English and Chinese.

④On the first screen, choose English (Chinese and Korean are also available).

⑤Press “Buy ticket (for today)” if departing today.

⑥Select the destination direction and press

“Tokyo Sta.”
▶Tateyama/Radisson Hotel/TDR”

⑦Select the destination route and press

“Tokyo →Tateyama”

⑧Select the bus stop you are getting off at and press

“Highway Oasis Furari”

⑨Select number of passengers/bus you are getting on/seat choice and then confirm.

➉Agree to the refund of the handling fee. You will be able to cancel the ticket anytime until departure with a handling fee of 100 yen. You will need to go to the ticket counter to cancel and get a refund.

⑪Finally, make your payment (either by cash or credit card) and receive your ticket.

⑫The bus stop is No.8 and you can line up 10 minutes before the departure time. Show your ticket to the bus driver when you get on. You will need to return it to the driver when you get off.

⑬On the bus, they will announce each stop. You will need to press the yellow button when you hear your stop called to get off.

B. Buy online

①Click the following link to go to the Japan Expressway Bus Net site.

②Select the following

From → “Tokyo”
To → “Chiba”
Route → “Tokyo ⇔ Tateyama/Awa-Shirahama”
Bus Stop → From “Tokyo Sta (Yaesu South Side)
To  → “Highway Oasis Furari”

③Select the bus and the seat, if needed.

④Enter your information and click Confirm. Then click Reserve.

⑤If successful, a Reservation Number will be provided and they will send the credit card payment form to your registered e-mail. You will need to complete your payment within 30 minutes.

⑥Open your e-mail and click the URL. Fill in the credit card information to complete the reservation.

⑦On the payment complete page, you will find a button that will display your Bus E-Ticket.

⑧Either print out or show the Bus E-Ticket from your phone to the bus driver when you get on the bus.

⑨You will receive a Payment Confirmation e-mail that has a URL for refund/cancellation. Cancellation may be made up to 2 hours prior to departure with a handling fee of JPY100. For a refund within 2 hours of to departure, you will need to go to the bus ticket center in person.

C. Buy at the bus

Though there is a small risk that the bus may be fully booked on busy days, you can buy tickets from the bus driver in cash when boarding. To do this, please wait until all passengers with tickets have boarded first. Then, tell the driver which stop you are going to and insert your money into the machine. The driver will hand you your ticket and receipt.