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        About Boso Adventure Tours

        Boso Adventure Tours is a tour company that focuses on tours in the Boso area, just east of Tokyo across the Tokyo Bay. It is easily accessible from Tokyo, as it only takes 90 minutes by highway bus. With its nature and scenic views, Boso is the nearest “traditional rural Japan” from Tokyo. Boso is a perfect location for tourists who are looking for a short getaway from Tokyo into the Japanese countryside to immerse themselves in stunning rural/natural sceneries and excellent local food.

        Our strength is the private ” Guided Cycling Tours”. However, we have general sightseeing/experience tours prepared for you to enjoy. Please let us know what your interests are and we will create a customized itinerary. We are registered as a licensed tour company (Chiba Regional No.1045) and partnered with Oka Tours, a licensed Japanese travel agent located in Tokyo (Tokyo No.2-5714) .

        Kenji Setogawa
        Director of Boso Adventure Tours

        After his retirement from the finance industry, Kenji Setogawa has assisted Minamiboso City’s tourism industry with a strong emphasis on cycle tourism. He also established the Minamiboso Cycle Tourism Association in 2017, which is closely associated with Boso Adventure Tours. He has planned, coordinated and guided many cycling and non-cycling tours in the Boso area with success.