From Yokohama Station

Highway bus timetable from Yokohama Station to Highway Oasis Furari and elsewhere in Minamiboso.


JPY2,400 for Adult (50% discount for Children)

You can buy a ticket only from Yokohama Station Bus Terminal.

Buying at the Ticket Counter/Machine

①You will need to go to the East Exit Bus Terminal. Be careful because there is another bus terminal called the YCAT

②Go to the Central South Gate of JR Yokohama Station and then walk towards the East Exit. The Bus terminal will be about 5 minutes’ walk from there. It is inside the Sogo building (a department store) and you can get there using the underground path.

③On B1F, you will find the ticket counter. You can buy your ticket there. Operating hours are: 9:00~12:45、14:00~18:00

④On the first floor, there are three bus lanes, A, B and C. Both the ticket machine and your bus will be at Lane C. Climb the stairs labelled “C”

⑤The ticket machine is near your bus stop No. 17.

⑥On the first screen, choose English (Chinese and Korean are also available)

⑦Select the destination region on the map. Select“Chiba” (Right of Tokyo)

⑧Select the box that says “Toward Boso“

⑨Select the route and stop

“Highway Oasis Furari“

⑩Select the bus you plan to get on.
Select the number of passengers and then confirm. Make your payment. Credit card is accepted.

⑪The bus stop is No.17 Show your ticket to the bus driver when you get on.