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Kenji Setogawa, Director, Cycling and Sightseeing/Experience Guide

Kenji worked in the investment banking industry for many years until he got involved in Minamiboso`s tourism. He is the founder of the Minamiboso Cycle Tourism Association that promotes cycling and tourism in the area. He has guided many tours, both cycling and non-cycling. He has also recently set up an operation, BOSO ADVENTURE TOURS, to promote tourism especially with international tourists. He has been a cyclist himself for more than 20 years.

Akira Oka, Founder of Oka Tours,Cycling Guide

Akira is the founder of Oka Tours, the pioneer in bicycle tours in Japan. He has traveled a lot in Europe with his bicycle and has realized that Japan has the potential to be a great bicycle trip destination. He decided to retire from the finance industry in 2005 and started a cycling guide business that was unprecedented at the time. Currently, he organizes more than 20 tours per year throughout Japan and also conducts day tours in Tokyo. He is a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter.

Kaori Sasho, Sightseeing/Experience Guide

A native of Minamiboso, Kaori majored in and graduated with a degree in linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh. After coming back to Japan, she opened her own English school in Minamiboso and has taught English to students of all ages. As a nationally licensed English-speaking Guide, she has successfully organized and guided international groups extensively not only in Minamiboso but also across Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Tatsuro Sugawara,Cycling Guide

Tatsuro has enjoyed cycling since childhood. He favors mountain bikes, roadbikes and camp touring. Through his rich experience overseas, he has rediscovered his fascination with Japan. He is currently a professional cycling guide introducing his clients to beautiful routes, delicious foods and the virtue of Japanese culture. Besides cycling, he enjoys snowboards, travelling and flying drones. He lives in Chiba.


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Minamiboso-City, Chiba 299-2201, Japan

TEL +81-470-58-0312
EMAIL info@bosoadventure.com

We are seeing increasing numbers of Japanese cyclists in the Minamiboso area in recent years. They have realized this is a superb environment with little traffic, beautiful scenery and delicious food, all such a convenient distance from Tokyo. Minamiboso Cycle Toursim Association (“MCTA”) was created to take advantage of this and to promote cycle tourism within the area. Boso Adventure Tours is strongly linked and liaised with MCTA and shares our office with them. The rental bikes are maintained by professional mechanics and we are supported by guiding staff. Our strength also lies in the strong connection with the local community and the accommodations, restaurants, etc who support our tours.