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Nokogiriyama walking tour – Day tour

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Learn the history of Nokogiriyama, ranked 2nd in the Nikkei review of “Deep Japan”, and enjoy the local food/sake – Day tour
This tour is just one example to give you a better idea of what a typical trip looks like. We are able to change any course content to suit your group.


  • Take a day trip from Tokyo to Minamiboso, and refresh yourself by walking a small mountain and learning about the local history/culture through a guided tour
  • Listen to a special presentation tailored for this tour about the stone cutting history of Nokogiriyama, selected 2nd in the Nikkei review of the must-sees of “Deep Japan”. Take a guided tour through the mountain
  • Enjoy the local fresh vegetables for lunch.
  • Visit the beautiful terraced rice paddies “Oyama Senmaida” and “Hota Shogakko” , a popular and highly ranked road station

Sample Itinerary

  • Take the car/rental car and meet at the Nokogiriyama Museum at 9:20 am.
  • (Highway Bus option: Take the highway bus from Tokyo Station departing at 7:20 am and get off at the bus stop “Highway Oasis Furari” at 8:53 am. We will meet you there)
  • Visit the Nokogiriyama Museum and listen to a special presentation about the stone cutting history of Nokogiriyama; in the old days, this played an important role in shipping stones to important construction sites, like the Daiba fortress and the Imperial Palace.
  • Take a ropeway to top of  Mt. Nokogiri, and enjoy breathtaking views of Tokyo and the Boso peninsula. We will visit the statues of the Buddha, including the largest Buddha in Japan , and an overhang observation rock called “Peek into Hell”
  • Have a delicious vegetable lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visit “Oyama Senmaida”, the closest terraced rice paddies to Tokyo, and we will listen to the staffs of the preseravtion association and learn how the rice paddies are maintained
  • Finally, stop by at “Hota Shogakko” which is a  former elementary school that was renovated into a tourist attraction in 2015. While retaining much of its nostalgic atmosphere, it has become a very popular spot being ranked with the TOP 30 road stations in Japan. You can buy some farmers product/souvenir. We will finish the tour here
  • (Highway Bus Option: Return to the bus stop “Highway Oasis Furari”. Taking the bus at 15:55 would get you back to Tokyo Station at 17:26) .


  • Meet/Depart: Nokogiriyama Museum/Hota Shogakko
  • (Highway Bus Option: “Highway Oasis Furari”. Please note that there are also train and ferry options)
  • Trip Length: 1 day
  • Price per Person: 
    JPY12,800 with your own vehicle JPY19,800 using minivan
  • Accepted number of guests: 2 to 8
    minimum 4 if using the minivan
  • includes lunch, entrance fee for the museum and temple, and guide support
Nokogiriyama promotion video