From Shinjuku Station

Highway bus timetable from Shinjuku Station to Highway Oasis Furari and elsewhere in Minamiboso.


JPY2,450 for Adult (50% discount for Children)

There are 3 ways to buy a bus ticket:

A. Buy at the Ticket Machine
B. Buy online
C. Buy at the Bus

A. Buying at the Ticket Machine

① Go to the New South Gate of JR Shinjuku Station. It can be quite confusing using different gates, so we recommend this exit.

② Take the escalator that brings you to the ticket office which is on the 4th floor. This terminal is colloquially known as “Busta Shinjuku” in Japanese.

③ The ticket machine is recommended, as there are occasionally long line-ups for the ticket counter.

④ At the first screen, choose English (Chinese and Korean are also available)

⑤ You will need to select the region on the map. Select “Chiba” (right of Tokyo)

⑥ Select the box that says “Tokyo・Chiba・Kanagawa“

⑦ Select the route and push

“Shinjuku →Kimitsu/Tateyama“

⑧ Select the bus stop you’re getting off at and push

“Highway Oasis Furari“

⑨ Select the bus you plan to get on.

⑩ Select number of passengers/bus you are getting on/bus seat and then confirm it. Finally, agree on the Refund of the Handling Fee. You will be able to cancel the ticket anytime until the departure with a handling fee of 100 yen. You will need to go to the ticket counter to cancel and get the refund.

⑪ The departure area are divided into A, B, C and D, with their own color. The bus that takes you to Tateyama normally departs from A2 that is in Orange.
On the bus, they will make announcements for the next bus stop. You will need to press the button if you are getting off.

B. Buy online

Please refer to
From Tokyo Station
B. Buy online

The procedure is same except ② the Bus Stop → From “Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal” instead of “Tokyo Sta (Yaesu South Side) ” The procedures after that are all same.

C. Buy at the bus

Though there is a small risk that the bus may be fully booked on busy days, you can buy tickets from the bus driver in cash when boarding. To do this, please wait until all passengers with tickets have boarded first. Then, tell the driver which stop you are going to and insert your money into the machine. The driver will hand you your ticket and receipt.