From Chiba Station

Highway bus timetable from Chiba Station to Highway Oasis Furari and elsewhere in Minamiboso.


JPY1,450 for adults (50% discount for children)

You cannot make bus reservations in Chiba Station, so you will need to buy tickets on the bus. You will need to make the payment either when boarding or getting off – the bus driver will tell you.

①Go to the East Gate of JR Chiba Station.

②Take the escalator that brings you down to the ground floor. Head outside of the station to the station square.

③Walk along the station square on your right and follow the sign towards “Bus Stop 21”.

④You will find a large road where the bus stop is located.

⑤Walk for a while and you will find Bus Stop 21 which will take you to Highway Oasis Furari.