Preventive measures against COVID-19

Preventive measures against COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Boso Adventure Tours will be implementing the following measures.

1. Staff initiatives

Staff will have their body temperature checked before every tour. Staff will wear masks and follow a strict cleanness and hygiene protocol.

2. During the tour

We have implemented an acrylic barrier in the touring car between the front row and the back row.
We will check the body temperature of all participants before the tour.
Staff will have plenty of sanitizer and extra face masks at all times. 
To keep a safe distance between the participants, the guide will use a portable speaker and wireless guide system (wireless device, like a walkie-talkie) to talk.
During the cycling tour, participants will be required to take an extra distance between each other during the ride. Every stop we make, we will ask the participants to wear a mask.