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One day fun & experience ride in Kamogawa – Day tour


This tour is just one example to give you a better idea of what a typical trip looks like. We are very flexible to change any course content customized for your group.


  • Take a day trip in Kamogawa and refresh yourself by riding an eBike for 20 to 30km in the beautiful scenery and mountain
  • Enjoy the cultural and natural experience – orange picking and making traditional thick sushi rolls
  • Visit and learn about Oyama Senmaida, the beautiful terraced rice paddies
  • Learn about the culture on your way riding along the farms.

Sample Itinerary

  • Take the highway bus from Tokyo Station – Please see below timetable
  • Get off at “Awa-Kamogawa station” and we will pick you up there.
  • 9:30am Meet at Minnami no Sato
  • 10:00am Cycling tour starts
    Visit a local orange farm. Pick oranges
    Visit Oyama Senmaida, the terraced rice paddies and listen to the activities of the Preseravtion Association Club
  • 12:00 Learn how to make a Futomaki Matsuri Zushi and have it for lunch
  • 14:00 Tour ends at Minnami no Sato.
  • Take the train/highway bus at Awa-Kamogawa station departing for Tokyo/Shinjuku station. We will drop you off there

    Timetable to Awa Kamogawa Station
    BUS – Highway bus Axy
    6:40am departing Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit
    8:49am arrive Awa Kamogawa station

    No appropriate train

    Timetable from Awa Kamogawa Station
    BUS – Highway bus Axy
    14:38 departing AwaKamogawa station
    16:53 arrive Tokyo station

    15:38 departing AwaKamogawa station
    17:53 arrive Tokyo station

    TRAIN – Wakashio Line
    15:34 departing AwaKamogawa station
    17:34 arrive Tokyo station

    16:15 departing AwaKamogawa station
    18:29 arrive Shinjuku station


  • Meet/Depart: “Minnami no Sato” in Kamogawa
  • Trip Length: 1 day
  • Price per Person: 
    (includes lunch, guide support, orange picking and cooking, rental eBike)
  • Accepted number of guests: 4 to 10