Nokogiriyama walking tour – Day tour

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Learn the history of Nokogiriyama, ranked 2nd in the Nikkei review of “Deep Japan”, and enjoy the local food/sake – Day tour
This tour is just one example to give you a better idea of what a typical trip looks like. We are able to change any course content to suit your group.


  • Take a day trip from Tokyo to Minamiboso, and refresh yourself by walking a small mountain and learning about the local history/culture through a guided tour
  • Listen to a special presentation about the stone cutting history of Nokogiriyama, selected 2nd in the Nikkei review of the must-sees of “Deep Japan”. Take a guided tour through the mountain
  • Enjoy the local fresh sushi/seafood for lunch.
  • Visit the beautiful terraced rice paddies “Oyama Senmaida” and a local sake brewery “Kameda Brewery”

Sample Itinerary

  • Take the car/rental car and meet at the Nokogiriyama Museum at 9:20 am.
  • (Highway Bus option: Take the highway bus from Tokyo Station departing at 7:20 am and get off at the bus stop “Highway Oasis Furari” at 8:53 am. We will meet you there)
  • Visit the Nokogiriyama Museum and listen to a presentation about the stone cutting history of Nokogiriyama; in the old days, this played an important role in shipping stones to important construction sites, like the Daiba fortress and the Imperial Palace.
  • Take a ropeway to top of  Mt. Nokogiri, and enjoy breathtaking views of Tokyo and the Boso peninsula. We will visit the statues of the Buddha, including the largest Buddha in Japan , and an overhang observation rock called “Peek into Hell” We will take a ropeway back to the bottom of the mountain.
  • Have a delicious sushi/seafood lunch at a local restaurant
  • Finally, visit “Oyama Senmaida”, the closest terraced rice paddies to Tokyo, and “Kameda Brewery”, whose sake brew “Jyumangame” has been awarded the Grand Gold quality award by the Monde Selection five years in a row. We will finish the tour here
  • (Highway Bus Option: Return to the bus stop “Highway Oasis Furari”. Taking the bus at 16:55 would get you back to Tokyo Station at 18:26) .


  • Meet/Depart: Nokogiriyama Museum/Kameda Brewery
  • (Highway Bus Option: “Highway Oasis Furari”)
  • Trip Length: 1 day
  • Price per Person: JPY9,800 for 4 to 6 people
  • JPY11,800 for 2 to 3 people
  • (includes lunch, entrance fee for the museum and temple, and guide support)
  • This price is for those who will join this trip by car/rental car. For those who would need local transportation, we will be able to discuss and make a plan.
  • Accepted number of guests: 2 to 6
Nokogiriyama promotion video